Farvolden Award 2013

Sep 2013

2013 Farvolden Award

S.S. Papadopulos & Associates, Inc. began supporting the Robert Farvolden Awards in 2011. We awarded 4 scholarships to students for their presentations or posters given at the 2013 National Ground Water Association Summit.


Si Gou

Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, for the paper, "Understanding Groundwater Uptake by Phreatophytic Vegetation Using a System Dynamics Modeling Approach."


David H. Ju

Baylor University, Waco, Texas, for the paper, "Effect of Urbanization and Mining to an Alluvial Aquifer in Central Texas."


Ranjani Ravi

University of Cincinnati,  Cincinnati, Ohio, for the poster, "A Novel Approach for Detection of Norovirus in Groundwater."


Thomas Robert

Institut national de la recherché scientifique, Quebec, Canada, for the paper, "LNAPL In Situ Recovery in Low Permeability Soil Using Soil Washing and Multi-Phase Vaccum Extraction."


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