Configurable Handler for Universal Model Postprocessing

Hydrologic models are becoming increasingly complex with the development of model codes and abundant data collection. Efficient model and data processing and visualization are needed to improve data analyses and model performance. The use of automated scripted workflows has gained widespread popularity due to its efficiency and capability of handling large and varied datasets. However, despite the benefits of automated workflows, their implementation can be impeded by a steep learning curve, significant overhead investment at the project outset, and other programming-related difficulties. To address these challenges, a Configurable Universal Model Post-processor (CHUMP) was developed as a framework for post-processing data and model results. CHUMP simplifies the process by using a configuration file that uses intuitive keywords to specify a set of parameters that define data abstraction and manipulation. It provides great coding-level flexibility without the need of excessive programing knowledge. The application of CHUMP is demonstrated through four examples that postprocess model simulation and create figures and animations of results generated by the different model codes.


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