MPNE1D A General Analytical Solution for One-Dimensional Solute Transport. MPNE1D is a FORTRAN90 code that implements the general analytical solution for one-dimensional solute transport.

A General Analytical Solution for One-Dimensional Solute Transport

MPNE1D is a FORTRAN90 code that implements the general analytical solution for one-dimensional solute transport derived by C.J. Neville, M. Ibaraki, and E.A. Sudicky (Solute Transport with Multiprocess Nonequilibrium: A Semi-Analytical Solution Approach: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 44: 141-159). The code is available freely, and is included in the IGWMC collection of freeware for hydrogeology.

The MPNE1D solution offers the ease of use, efficiency and reliability of a robust analytical solution with a flexibility that is usually only possible with numerical solutions. The solution is capable of representing any combination of the following transport processes: one-dimensional advection and dispersion (including purely diffusive transport); dual porosity mobile-immobile mass transfer; combined equilibrium and kinetic sorption; and first-order transformation reactions.

The solution is capable of simulating general initial and boundary conditions, including:

  • Specified concentration or flux-type inflow boundary conditions, with a general time-varying reservoir concentration;
  • A semi-infinite domain;
  • A finite domain with specified concentration at the outflow boundary;
  • A finite domain with specified zero concentration gradient at the outflow boundary; and
  • An initial uniform concentration.

The MPNE1D solution is an ideal teaching tool, providing students with a straightforward code for exploring solute transport processes. The solution has also been applied for the interpretation of complex column tests. The MPNE1D package includes source and executable code, example data sets, and a PDF version of the user’s guide. The solution is coded in standard FORTRAN77 and has been updated for FORTRAN90. The code has been compiled without modifications to run on PCs (MS, Lahey F77L3, Salford FTN77), VAX and UNIX-based compilers.

The most recent release of the code is Version 4.1, August 2004. The code has been updated to incorporate the following:

  • Compliance with ANSI Standard FORTRAN90;
  • Simplified creation of concentration profiles (concentration vs. distance) and breakthrough curves (concentration vs. time).
  • Robust treatment of the case of purely diffusive transport; and
  • Output of both mobile and immobile region concentrations.

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