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Environmental and Water Resource Consultants

Our Expertise

S.S. Papadopulos & Associates was established in 1979 to provide professional groundwater and hydrogeology consulting services.  With that cornerstone of expertise, we have continued to grow and have developed an internationally recognized practice in contaminant studies, environmental engineering, remediation, geochemistry, and surface-water hydrologyLearn More


SSP&A has developed modeling and related software for over 20 years

SSP&A develops and distributes software for groundwater modeling and related analyses. Learn More


    SSP&A Updates BIOSCREEN-AT and ATRANS-Excel - Both of these software tools have been updated to be compatible with Microsoft Office 2010.

    SSP&A Releases Groundwater Desktop - GWD is a fully 3D interface for visualizing groundwater models and their results, created by a groundwater modeler for groundwater modelers. Gain insight and visualize your model input and output data in 3 dimensions. Explode layers, create cross-sections, view pathlines across model layers, and more.

    Spring 2014 Intro and Advanced PEST Courses - Held in San Francisco, CA, this will be the Seventh "Double Header" PEST course, comprising a two-day "Introduction to PEST" course and a subsequent two-day "Advanced Analysis using PEST" course.

    SSP&A Awards 4 Students Scholarships under the Farvolden Awards

    SSP&A Participation at MODFLOW and More 2013 - SSP&A was pleased to provide sponsorship for the 2013 Conference, and to contribute to the Organizing Committee, Scientific Advisory Committee, and the Panel Discussion.

    MT3D Course - Efffective Solute Transport Simulation: Montreal, Quebec, September 29, at the GéoMontréal 2013 Conference.