Contamination Studies

Groundwater, Soil and Sediment

Much of SSP&A's work involves the investigation of groundwater, soil and sediment contamination at regulated sites. We have considerable experience in RCRA, CERCLA, and state programs nationwide.

Services that we offer for contamination studies include:

  • Identification of potential sources of contamination, and evaluation of the extent of contamination in groundwater, soil and sediment;
  • Identification of potential receptors and assessment and simulation of the fate of contaminants;
  • Identification and evaluation of non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) and dense non-aqueous liquid (DNAPL) contamination;
  • Analysis of historical presence and transport of contaminant;
  • Analysis of soil/sediment/groundwater interactions and transport;
  • Analysis of sediment impact zone;
  • Modeling of contaminant flow and transport.

Moreover, SSP&A can provide the full scope of services for remediation of contamination.