Bannister Transformation & Development Site (former Bannister Federal Complex)

Kansas City, Missouri

Between 2014 and 2017, SSP&A was the lead environmental consultant for a comprehensive Due Diligence Investigation (DDI) of the Bannister Federal Complex (BFC) in Kansas City, Missouri.  For more than 60 years, the 300-acre BFC complex served the nation, first as a WWII-era aircraft manufacturing and testing facility, and subsequently as a secure, high-tech plant producing mechanical and electronic components for national defense systems.  As of 2015, all manufacturing activities had been relocated to a new National Security Campus in Kansas City, and the BFC site was being evaluated for redevelopment under the authority of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2014.  SSP&A conducted an intensive soil and groundwater sampling and analysis program, baseline air monitoring, and evaluation of remedial alternatives and costs.  Following approval of SSP&A’s Corrective Measures Report, and transfer of the property to a private developer, Bannister Transformation & Development, LLC, SSP&A is currently managing and overseeing implementation of corrective measures for soil and groundwater at the site.  SSP&A continues to work closely with Brandenburg Industrial Services Company (demolition specialists), Auxier and Associates (health physics specialists), Olsson Associates (civil engineering) and Kissick Construction in management of contaminated soils, building materials and surface water during demolition and remediation activities.  The overall project schedule for building demolition, remedial measures, site re-grading, and construction of a new groundwater containment and monitoring system is anticipated to take about four years.